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"how are you doing this so wrong" - every gamer who has introduced their friend to a game

When we’re very distressed, it’s difficult to think rationally and to decide what to do/how to help ourselves in that moment. It’s easy to resort to self-destructive behaviours, which may “help” us at that moment, but can cause other problems later and in the long-term. Worse, it can sometimes be easy to fall into our suicidal thoughts.

It can be really useful to keep an “Emergency” or “Soothe” box, in a handy place, so that when you’re feeling overwhelmed/distressed, you can go to your box and find something to help you cope/feel better/simply be distracted.

I’m currently on a long term leave from work due to my depression. It got to the point where it was crippling- I couldn’t get through a regular day or feel as if I could even function like a “normal” person. I’ve accepted that I desperately need to do something with myself and I’m now part of what I call “the full meal deal”. I’ve been put onto a few medications, I’m seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist, and (most importantly) I’m accepting that depression and anxiety a real parts of my life, that they’re not uncommon and that I am the true key to moving down the road of recovery. One of the things recently introduced to me by my psychologist is this Emergency Box and I love it.

We all feel down sometimes and we can all use a little help here and there.

It’s okay. So let you help yourself!

You can use any box, bag or any other container of your choosing and decorate it as you please!

Try to collect items that are meaningful or that you know will be helpful (even just a little). If the item is too big for your container, then maybe use a reminder of that item. I like to use flashcards or sticky notes with whatever item written on it. Be sure to include items that will help soothe your senses:

When you use your items, or you’re doing whatever activity of your choosing, remember to pay attention to your senses. Look around you and notice what you see (colours, shapes, lighting, shadows, movement), what you hear (nature sounds, sounds in the room, sounds near and far), what you smell or taste  and what you can touch.

Inside the box itself:

Remember, there are TONS of resources out there available. It’s worth a few moments of time to look into these things. Your mental health is so unbelievably important.

And, lastly, if you’re unsure/scared/curious or anything and feel you dunno who to talk to from the pool of those you know or wary of calling a helpline (hey, I hate talking on the phone, too, sometimes), you are ALWAYS free to drop me a line through my Tumblr. I will never share any of your information or asks unless you say it’s alright/ask me anonymously. 


Some creative anime fansubs 

Sailor Moon sand art thing.

Sailor Moon sand art thing.

I tried to make a landscape in This Is Sand idk

I tried to make a landscape in This Is Sand idk



This is an amazing site for calming down after a panic attack or to get your mind off of anxieties, basically you just make sand art with your mouse. Highly recommend




Hey everyone. Since I’ve got so much time on my hands and I’m in need of a creative outlet, I’m starting a Fallout: New Vegas Roleplay Blog. 

I’ll play the game and updating my character’s “diary” of her journey, along with the personal backstory I created for her. I did this once before and LOVED it, but lost steam. I’m currently on a work leave and my psychologist recommends I have some creative outlet, if even a small one… so here we are!

Read as Layla, a 23 year old courier with revenge on her mind, takes on the Mojave wasteland. 

Follow and read here and read below for a preview.

I was dug out of a shallow grave in Goodsprings by some robot named “Viktor”- a bullet in my head and somehow alive. The town doc patched me up, handed me some gear, let me take what I needed to survive out there and sent me on my way. 

But where do I really start? The name is Layla. I’m a 23 year old Mojave Express courier. Or I guess I was a courier. I used to have a family. A mama, a pops and a twin sister. My sister and I both have naturally white hair, but a little gecko fat, water and charcoal is great for dying the hair black. I’ve been doing it since I was a rebelling teen so I could be told apart from my sis. Now back to the “used to”. My family was taken by the Legion- some slaver tribe who run around in Roman inspired garb. Real pieces of work. I don’t know if my family is dead or if they’re alive. All I know is that they’re gone. I was lucky enough to be out on a long delivery when the attack happened. Heh. Lucky.

online tactical games.

online tactical games.

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