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G4 is to become… The Esquire Channel? 

What was formerly known as TechTV and then G4 will apparently become the Esquire Channel.

Back in October, NBCUniversal finally signalled the death of G4’s current incarnation with the cancellations of “Attack of The Show” and “X-Play.” Throughout 2012, rumors have been swirling about an attempt to give G4 a GQ makeover.

That still appears to be in the cards for the network, but with a different magazine title attached.

Deadline is reporting that NBCUniversal is in talks with Hearst to possibly rebrand G4 as Esquire Channel; which would be branded around Hearst’s long running men’s magazine, Esquire.


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    More bad news to my week lol. But then again, I barely watched G4. I haven’t watched that channel since my days back in...
  3. hurmunb said: I thought this was confirmed and not a rumor actually—some time ago if I believe. The channel needed a re-branding because it was awful. It was essentially dead when DirecTV got rid of it. I know I stopped watching the channel all together
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